GWT2Energy and The SimplControls Energy Management System Energy Savings: Simple in Design, Advanced in Application

Building Automation, Control, and Energy Management

We specialize in working with restaurants on building automation, energy, and peak power management. 

Unlike expensive equipment and costly installation labor used before, SimplControls is a modular approach that is entirely wireless, reducing the cost of the installation by as much as 50%.  SimplControls is the first product in the market to bring the benefits of an affordable building management system to small buildings, using a 100% wireless system.

GWT2Energy utilizes the SimplControls Energy Management System (EMS) to design a simple and affordable EMS for restaurants. Enjoy unprecedented control and energy savings with little to no upfront costs as your annual energy savings will contribute directly to bottom-line profits! 

  • Saves the maximum amount of energy almost effortlessly. 
  • Remotely controls and monitors your HVAC systems, foodservice equipment, and lighting systems anytime, anywhere, utilizing your web browser or mobile device.
  • Once installed, you will rarely need to think about resetting or programming your thermostat or setting a time clock again.
  • GWT2Energy offers a five-year parts warranty on SimplControls EMS devices. 
  • With GWT2Energy, you have the industry’s best EMS warranty!

The SimplControls EMS provides:

  • Comprehensive energy management reporting and analysis.
  • Alerting functions so that you know when a piece of equipment stops working properly.
  • Equipment health reporting on the heating/cooling systems to determine needed repairs or potential replacement.
  • Many other features available previously found in only expensive, complex building management systems for large commercial and industrial customers.
  • Depending on the application, typical energy savings range from 5 – 20%.

Utility companies charge for peak power  consumption. This is often seen as demand charges on the monthly electricity bill.

For a typical restaurant, demand charges account for 20 – 60% of the monthly electricity bill, depending on the utility and the electric rate. By utilizing our Demand Management option, we can determine what electrical loads can be shed to reduce your electricity demand which saves thousands yearly.

Combining the power of the SimplControls EMS with the GWT2Energy EMS Call Center brings the greatest opportunity for energy savings and better-performing, longer-lasting HVAC equipment.

  • The GWT2Energy EMS Call Center operates almost around the clock to serve you and your management team, facilities team, and guests.
  • We value communication with all our clients and take incoming calls, emails, and text messages from you and your teams, allowing for easier communication.

The EMS Call Center performs the following services for its clients:

  • Simple temperature adjustments
  • HVAC service recommendations for heating or air conditioning.
  • Assistance in using the EMS controls and interface
  • Working remotely with on-site HVAC and other technicians to resolve equipment issues
  • Other services based on you and your team’s needs.

Our customers manage multiple locations in various regions of North America, which may have different operating hours, temperature settings, and lighting schedules.  Our solution allows our call center to manage the entire enterprise based on each customer’s organizational tree,  based on geographical or management structure; it’s all up to the customer. 

This enterprise approach allows our call center to adjust settings and/or schedules based on the organizational tree to implement any upcoming changes quickly. 

The SimplControls® Thermostat features HVAC supply temperature monitoring, trending, and alerting, along with analysis and reporting. You can set up your thermostat to alert you if the energy usage exceeds a specified threshold, great for facility managers and energy managers.

You have easy access from anywhere to your reporting and historical data logs, including indoor air and supply temperatures, run-time history, alert logs, control changes, and more.

The SimplControls Thermostat also has available inputs to monitor temperatures in other areas of the restaurant or retail space, such as walk-in coolers, storage rooms, and IT cabinets.

SimplControls Thermostat also features these options:

  • Humidity Control―runs the air conditioning longer when high humidity conditions exist.
  • Average Temperature Control―for large rooms with hot and cold spots, this sets multiple temperature sensors and controls the temperature based on the average temperature.

The SimplRelay is an electrical controller that brings EMS control to the lighting and other electrical loads, with multiple circuits controllable from anywhere to be scheduled to meet all your business needs.

The SimplControls EMS―Modular design allows for various applications

The SimplControls EMS combines multiple components to deliver maximum savings. GWT2Energy will work with you to design a customized solution specific to your company’s needs.

Just the beginning

Are you looking for more than just HVAC and lighting controls and/or monitoring? Just let GWT2Energy know what you have in mind, and we can design a solution for you. The possibilities are almost endless!

Control―Little to Much

GWT2Energy will work with you and your teams to determine and design the EMS to allow as much or as little control over the HVAC that you and your company deem necessary. This can be done in various ways to accommodate the building and/or management team.

Simple Installation

Working with GWT2Energy, the EMS installation is a simple process. We can work with our fully trained installation professionals or develop a relationship and train your HVAC technicians and electricians. The GWT2Enery installation team is backed by a one-year labor warranty from the installation date.

Simple Design

With GWT2Energy and the SimplControls EMS, there are no “black boxes” or other complicated EMS equipment. The EMS has been designed so that if the HVAC technician can understand a standard thermostat or an electrician has basic wiring skills, they can easily understand and operate the SimplControls system.

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