Is Your Refrigerator Running? Using IoT Temperature Monitoring

n Spoiled Food Equals Sunk CostsAny business owner knows sunk costs are both frustrating and unavoidable. Yet, they can be significantly reduced if well-managed, especially with tools like IoT temperature monitoring.You see, perishable products received by a restaurant become inventory in the accounting world, intended on being used to create the products sold. If meats, produce, and dairy ingredients are not stored properly, the money spent is simply lost when the food is tossed.By utilizing IoT n

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Our Energy-Saving Strategy is Effective Because it’s Unique

GWT2Energy cares about your restaurant. After all, we specialize in the restaurant industry, making our success dependent upon yours. From supply side to demand side, our solutions are based on an owner’s perspective, fully customized, and comprehensive. Specializing in the restaurant industry means we are equipped with a unique full-service strategy that is proven to...Continue reading

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Is Your Restaurant Company’s Natural Gas Bill as Low as Possible?

Reducing utility costs for natural gas can have magical impacts on the bottom line versus other ongoing expenses. The magic occurs when certain costs can be identified, eliminated or reduced, with those dollar savings often extending for years on utility bills. Monthly financial savings multiply into long-term savings. For starters, please consider: Is the natural...Continue reading

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Five key benefits of Cloud-based Energy Management Systems for Restaurants

Having a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) can provide multiple benefits for every restaurant owner. 1. Reduce Energy Use –Take a peek into individual restaurants or all of them to evaluate energy costs and compare performance across all of your restaurants. 2. Guest Comfort – In many restaurants, the guests will put sweaters and jackets on even...Continue reading

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