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Why GWT2Energy?

Save up to 25% annually on energy bills.
Extend the life of your equipment.
Create a greater customer experience.
Enable your managers to focus on the restaurant’s operations without having to worry about energy/utility issues.
Identify which restaurants are operating at peak efficiency and which ones aren’t.
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“GWT2Energy has been a great partner in managing our energy program. They work with us as a member of our team. GWT2Energy takes care of us so that we can invest in what we do best, creating a great guest experience.”

-Amanda McAllister, Director of Capital Purchasing, Red Robin

“Prior to hiring GWT2Energy as our outsourced energy management partner, we were struggling to manage our energy program. GWT2energy’s team has helped us to streamline and improve our energy management process, resulting in savings that have paid for their management service within the first year.”

-Roger Goldstein, Executive Director of Facilities, Panda Restaurant Group

How much could you save?

We are your energy management concierge…

Energy & sustainability consultants with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry working for and with restaurants
Extensive experience in energy management for restaurants with both Corporate and Franchise organizations
Familiar with the big picture, but also with the day-to-day requirements of managing successful energy programs
We specialize in the uniqueness and detail needed to effectively manage multi-site corporations and franchise owner operations

Find Your Solution

We provide support that meets your business needs and hours to ensure the most efficient program at peak and non-peak hours. You can count on us to protect your bottom line, all day every day.

Reduce Your Energy Rates

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