About Us

We Are Your Energy Management Concierge

When it comes to managing a restaurant operation most owner-operators don’t have the time or expertise to achieve the highest rate energy savings to maximize profitability. GWT2Energy helps restaurants owners and operators create a customized energy savings plan that will achieve up to 25% energy savings by automating, monitoring and controlling critical systems.

We know you want to be confident that you are managing your restaurant operation at maximum efficiency and profitability. In order to do that, you need to have better control over your energy costs and equipment functionality.

The problem is utility billing systems can be confusing and energy efficiency just may not be your area of expertise which can leave you feeling powerless and stuck with having to pay higher energy bills.

We believe you should be in control of your energy expenses and have more innovative solutions to energy management. We understand energy management is complex and that you and your employees need to stay focused on your areas of expertise. This is why we’ve spent over 20 years in the industry working for and with restaurants to maximize¬†facility efficiency and reduce utility costs up to 25% annually.