Set humidity controls in restaurant

Restaurant Humidity Control: How to Reach Appropriate Levels

Restaurant Humidity Control Ideal restaurant humidity levels vary depending on the room and even depending on the type of food your establishment serves. Humidity level considerations include customer and employee comfort, equipment performance, and the most efficient ways to reach appropriate humidity levels. Dining Room Humidity Levels Dining room humidity levels should be high enough to inhibit the transfer of airborne illnesses and low enough to facilitate customer comfort. Water vapor

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woman dines outside during summer

Saving During the Summer Months: Restaurant Energy Consumption 101

As a restaurant owner, you are all too aware that patrons want to feel comfortable when dining at your establishment.Think of yourself for a minute: going to a restaurant in the middle of the summer, where it’s 100 degrees outside, and 90 degrees inside. It’s likely you wouldn’t feel too comfortable in the establishment and would want to leave.The same goes for your patrons. Understanding a few simple tips will allow you to create a comfortable, cool environment for patrons, without killing your

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