What is the Average Electric Bill for a Restaurant?

While most people think of food costs when they are thinking of opening a restaurant, many people find it hard to calculate what their overhead expenditures for things like utilities will be.Essentially everything in your restaurant will use power in one way or another, even when you are not open for business.Utility Costs Are More Than You ThinkThe reality is that utilities can often be one of the worst expenses for owners. In fact, restaurants often spend 3 to 5% of their total operating costs

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demand charges affect restaurant bill

How Do Demand Charges Impact Your Electric Bill

As a restaurant owner/manager, you accept that there are some fixed operating costs. Lot rent, electricity, water, sewer, staffing costs, etc. all are things you cannot avoid.Once you have established operational hours, electricity costs should remain relatively fixed, or at least one would logically assume so. However, in many cities across the United States, this is not the case thanks to demand charges. These charges can greatly affect your restaurant.In fact, we here at GWT2Energy are

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man washes dishes at restaurant

10 Tricks to Lower your Restaurant’s Hot Water Bill

Unnecessary hot water usage is akin to watching cash go down the drain. Just thinking of wasted water is brutal to us as restaurants already use a lot of H₂O.In fact, the EPA states that US restaurants use over 50 billion gallons of water annually. While using a good deal of hot water is inherent to the restaurant business, you can minimize the impact.Here are 10 tricks to lower your restaurant’s hot water bill:#1 Routine water heater thermostat checkups Check-ups help ensure maximum efficiency.

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Regulate Energy Consumption

Quick Fixes and Energy Management: You Can’t Ignore Either One

Energy Management in Restaurants We know you have thoughts about how to reduce your restaurant’s or franchise’s energy costs…and that you keep making efforts to do it. We also know you have multiple other demands on your time, including your primary mission of providing customers with the best food, the best service, and the best price.But sooner or later, most owner-operators or managers start to consider a serious, concerted campaign to reduce energy costs. Probably because they know, from

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using an energy management system

The Pros and Cons of Restaurants Using an Energy Management System

Restaurants Using An Energy Management System Being a restaurant owner or manager comes with a lot of responsibility. Some common ones include ensuring the kitchen is clean and up to code, that the menu items are exceptional, and everyone’s performing well in their job roles.Also, ensuring the restaurant is profitable is incredibly important. So making sure all costs are within reason is vital. Yet, one area many restaurants often overlook is energy consumption.The Good: Controlling Costs with

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restaurant owner saving money

Top 3 Ways for Restaurant Owners to Save Money

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or franchise manager, you may feel frustrated at times by how difficult it is to up your profit margin without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. We understand that frustration and are here with good news: you shouldn’t have to prioritize necessities, and you definitely shouldn’t compromise when it comes to what you offer your customers.Those tempting hacks to increase overhead will, simply put, save you pennies in the present and lose your consumer base in

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energy savings

4 Highly-Effective Energy Conservation Tips for Restaurant Owners

Energy Conservation Tips for Restaurant Owners The cost of energy is rising every other day! Thus, emphasis on embracing conservation measures that will preserve natural resources and save cost is increasing as well. As a restaurant operator, energy conservation is likely on your list of priorities. Failure to control the use of power within your restaurant can have far-reaching effects on your daily operations, and that can result in severe losses. So gaining an understanding of your obligations

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