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How Energy Conservation for Restaurants Drives Profits Upwards

Running a restaurant is stressful, there’s no doubt about that. Juggling food and labor costs, guest experience, staffing issues, and all the little things in between can quickly eat up profits.Considering how volatile the industry is, anything that chips away at profits can be a death knell; an unprofitable restaurant will not last long. This is especially true in an industry where guests have many other options.Deciding on which corners you can cut or what programs you can implement to protect

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7 ways to save energy in restaurants

The Top 7 Ways to Save Energy in Restaurants

You want your restaurant to be eco-friendly–not to mention the savings that reducing energy use can bring to your energy bill each month.With over 20 years working in the restaurant industry and extensive experience in energy management, we’ve found that there are always simple measures restaurants can take to reduce energy costs.In fact, a simple look around your restaurant can yield several energy-saving strategies, lowering your energy usage and making it easier for you to reach your

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create an exceptional guest experience

3 Ways to Create an Exceptional Guest Experience at Your Restaurant

The most important people at your restaurant are the guests. We can agree that they keep the doors open and the grills fired up! So creating great experiences for guests is an important aspect of the restaurant business.In fact, the biggest reason people stop visiting a restaurant is due to poor service. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of customer service!So here are a few ways you can create and cultivate a great experience for your patrons that keeps them coming back for more.

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