Creative Ways to Cut Costs by Cutting Waste

How to Cut Restaurant Costs Food waste is a major problem for most restaurants. Researchers discovered that many restaurants waste so much food that it hurts their bottom line, so reducing that waste can significantly improve profits. There are a lot of techniques that can save money by cutting waste this year. Track Purchases and Waste...Continue reading

Quick Fixes and Energy Management: You Can’t Ignore Either One

Energy Management in Restaurants We know you have thoughts about how to reduce your restaurant’s or franchise’s energy costs…and that you keep making efforts to do it. We also know you have multiple other demands on your time, including your primary mission of providing customers with the best food, the best service, and the best price. But...Continue reading

What is the Average Electric Bill for a Restaurant?

While most people think of food costs when they are thinking of opening a restaurant, many people find it hard to calculate what their overhead expenditures for things like utilities will be.Essentially everything in your restaurant will use power in one way or another, even when you are not open for business.Utility Costs Are More Than You ThinkThe reality is that utilities can often be one of the worst expenses for owners. In fact, restaurants often spend 3 to 5% of their total operating costs

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holiday table

3 Tips To Get Your Menu Ready for the Holidays Now

The holidays are here! For restaurant owners it can mean the opportunity to welcome holiday patrons celebrating the season. Yet, it could also mean higher energy costs.There are ways to save on your costs and increase your business to make your holiday season profitable. Prepare Your Holiday Menus Now Families and businesses like to make their plans ahead of time, so get the word out promptly! Here are three tips for increasing sales during the holidays: Holiday Catering – More than any other

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3 trends restaurants use to cut utility bills

Top 3 Trends Restaurants Are Using to Cut Back on their Energy Bill

Irrespective of how big or small your restaurant is, it needs a lot of energy for daily operations. Air ventilation, gas, large-scale appliances, and temperature control are just a couple of the many contributors to the high energy bills you may be experiencing monthly. In fact, many restaurants spend about three to five percent of their operational costs on energy. With more than twenty years’ experience in the restaurant world, we have assisted many brands in saving costs on their utility

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Set humidity controls in restaurant

Restaurant Humidity Control: How to Reach Appropriate Levels

Restaurant Humidity Control Ideal restaurant humidity levels vary depending on the room and even depending on the type of food your establishment serves. Humidity level considerations include customer and employee comfort, equipment performance, and the most efficient ways to reach appropriate humidity levels. Dining Room Humidity Levels Dining room humidity levels should be high enough to inhibit the transfer of airborne illnesses and low enough to facilitate customer comfort. Water vapor

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High-energy use restaurant

Power Saving Tips for High-Energy Use Restaurant Appliances

Any successful plan to keep restaurant energy costs down includes power saving tips and techniques for high-energy use appliances. GWT2Energy knows which restaurant equipment is likely to be your biggest energy hog and how to minimize the associated costs. After all, we pride ourselves on understanding day-to-day restaurant operations. So, here are a few tips to deal with high energy restaurant appliances.

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cutting costs by cutting waste in a restaurant

4 Creative Ways to Cut Costs by Cutting Waste

n How to Cut Restaurant CostsFood waste is a major problem for most restaurants. Researchers discovered that many restaurants waste so much food that it hurts their bottom line, so reducing that waste can significantly improve profits.There are a lot of techniques that can save money by cutting waste this year.Track Purchases and WasteThe vast majority of waste is accidental. Very few restaurant workers realize the sheer amount of food they throw away. Awareness is the first step towards solving

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woman with common sense will lower restaurant operating costs

Energy Efficiency and Common Sense Combine to Lower a Restaurant’s Costs

The value of training staff in habits that conserve power is often overlooked when organizing an energy management plan in restaurants. Lighting and equipment that’s energy efficient is a must, but something as simple as turning off faucets rather than letting them run can offer big savings in the long run.In fact, the prevalence of high energy costs make addressing all types of waste essential in order for a restaurant to remain profitable.Installing Equipment that’s Proven Energy

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couple photographs their food in restaurant

How to Ensure Food Costs for Your Restaurant is Profitable

Running a restaurant is hard, unpredictable work. Each opening day has a variety of outcomes that depend on staff, customers, and delivery schedules for food and supplies. Owning a restaurant isn’t for the easily discouraged as there will be all types of setbacks which can make the experience both exciting and tiring. The most essential part of running a restaurant is, of course, the food. The quality, cost, and availability of each item on the menu will impact the type of customers who will

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