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3 Ways to Lower Your Restaurant’s Gas Bill in 2019

Restaurants have a voracious appetite for energy. According to the 2015 ENERGY STAR Guide for Cafes, Restaurants, and Institutional Kitchens, the energy load used by restaurants per square foot ranges from 5 to 10 times more than other commercial businesses. Since over half of the energy consumption comes from food preparation (35%) and HVAC (28%), systems which rely heavily on natural gas, finding ways to reduce your restaurant’s gas bill in 2019 may be a top priority for your business. While

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LED lighting in a restaurant

Getting Started with LED Lighting in Restaurants

Converting your current lighting to LED lighting is the easiest way for you to move your restaurant towards higher electrical efficiency. Covered in a previous article, we discussed why LED lighting is a wise choice. Requiring no substantial equipment conversions or otherwise drastic changes, this should be the first step taken to reduce your energy bill. But, how should you go about making this a reality?The answer: quite simply.Plug and PlayThe idea of converting your current lighting may seem

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Eco-friendly restaurant

3 Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design Ideas

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design Ideas Going green is a great way to make your restaurant stand out. Whether you’re trying to cut down on the size of your environmental footprint, appeal to customers who want to support eco-friendly businesses, or maybe a little of both, it’s a worthwhile endeavor. But how do you make your restaurant...Continue reading

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