The Benefits of Going Green: How Energy Management Can Improve Your Restaurant’s Reputation

For many customers, choosing where they spend their dollars is no longer solely based on the products available to them. Now, many consumers let their ethical values fuel their decision-making, especially on matters of sustainability.

In the same way that many restaurants may lose support for leaving a poor impact on the environment, other restaurants may gain new customers by going green. 

What does it mean to go green?

“Going green” is a phrase that has become increasingly common in recent years as the long-term impact of everyday decisions can be better understood. Simply put, “going green” means affecting the environment positively instead of negatively. The term “green,” as you may have guessed, refers to the color associated with nature and environmental awareness.

How companies choose to implement green practices varies greatly from industry to industry, but the ideals are the same for everyone. Making conscious decisions and taking actions that prioritize sustainability, conservation, and the overall well-being of the planet are the foundations for anyone looking to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

How can restaurants make green choices?

Since going green is all about positively affecting the environment, reducing waste is the best way for a restaurant to begin the process. This can include reducing the use of plastic, using recyclable materials, and composting. One of the best practices for going green that will also affect your bottom line is effective energy management.

Energy management aims to reduce energy expenditure and keep the restaurant operating as efficiently as possible. Good energy management practices include turning off lights when they aren’t necessary, opening the blinds in the winter and closing them in the summer, and installing a smart Energy Management System. (For more information about equipment to help with energy management, check out this article!)

Prioritizing energy management will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect natural resources, improve air quality, promote sustainable development, and reduce operating expenses. It’s a win for everyone, especially the planet.

How can energy management improve your restaurant’s reputation?

If you begin implementing positive energy management choices at your restaurant, your business’s reputation is likely to improve in several ways.

Making green choices can also set your restaurant apart from competitors, creating a unique selling proposition. This might attract more talented employees, especially as younger generations seek out companies whose values align with their own.

Investors, too, might be more interested in restaurants with green energy management practices. Wasting less energy allows restaurants to be seen as less risky, more forward-thinking, and better positioned for long-term success. This can attract socially responsible investors, contributing to financial stability and growth.

How will customers know about your green energy management choices?

The only way your restaurant’s reputation can be improved by energy management is if customers know about your efforts. Implementing the following ideas will help customers see your business’s values and give them the confidence to know they are supporting a responsible restaurant.

  1. Create a page on your website. Featuring the menu on your website is clearly a must, but your restaurant would also benefit from having a page that clearly describes the environmental impact of your restaurant and the efforts you are making to go green. Giving details such as the temperature you set the thermostat to during closing time and protocols you have in place to limit energy waste will give your customers concrete examples to know that you are really putting these choices into action.
  2. Get social about your choices. Use your social media platforms to share about the green choices you are making to help with your restaurant’s energy management. A picture of someone installing a smart energy management system or a video of a waitress closing the blinds to block out the summer heat might attract more positive attention than you would think.
  3. Encourage community participation. Have a QR code on your menu or place a physical bulletin board in your restaurant’s entryway that not only tells customers of your energy management but also lists opportunities for them to make green choices. Partner with local organizations to use your restaurant’s platform to help encourage a greener future.

With all these ideas, it’s important to note that merely claiming to be green without tangible actions can lead to reputation risks and accusations of “greenwashing”— misleading or exaggerating claims about environmental practices. This can damage reputation and erode trust. Like you have been told your whole life, “Honesty is the best policy.” If you haven’t met your green goals yet, it’s better to be open about that and then celebrate when your restaurant has made those achievements.

What changes will you make in your restaurant?

With an increasing number of companies making efforts to incorporate green practices into their operations, you want to make sure that your restaurant is ahead of the trend. What changes can you make today to ensure a positive relationship with your community and the environment? For a better idea on how to implement green ideas and manage energy effectively, reach out to GWT2Energy today!

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