LED lighting can save restaurants money

How LED Lighting in Restaurants Saves Your Business Money

We can agree that energy consumption in your restaurant is unavoidable. Our reliance on technology is constant. In fact, whether it’s AC in the summer or heat in the winter, there’s always a demand for constant power.But there’s another constant factor that’s easily overlooked—traditional light bulbs.Many restaurants looking to improve their energy efficiency have moved away from traditional light sources and turned to LED technology. But what exactly are LEDs and how are they beneficial to the

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Why Tracking Restaurant Utility Bills Reduces Costs

n Tracking Restaurant Utility BillsUtility bill reduction is important for any restaurant. Tracking your restaurant’s utility costs and usage is the first step to understanding where you can reduce costs.In fact, monitoring is the starting point for the type of big savings we can help you achieve.Benefits of Tracking Restaurant Utility BillsTracking utility costs are necessary to establish a baseline that assists in forecasting and determining where you can make cost-cutting changes. Utility use n

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Is Your Refrigerator Running? Using IoT Temperature Monitoring

n Spoiled Food Equals Sunk CostsAny business owner knows sunk costs are both frustrating and unavoidable. Yet, they can be significantly reduced if well-managed, especially with tools like IoT temperature monitoring.You see, perishable products received by a restaurant become inventory in the accounting world, intended on being used to create the products sold. If meats, produce, and dairy ingredients are not stored properly, the money spent is simply lost when the food is tossed.By utilizing IoT n

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