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3 Ways to Lower Your Restaurant’s Gas Bill in 2019

Restaurants have a voracious appetite for energy. According to the 2015 ENERGY STAR Guide for Cafes, Restaurants, and Institutional Kitchens, the energy load used by restaurants per square foot ranges from 5 to 10 times more than other commercial businesses. Since over half of the energy consumption comes from food preparation (35%) and HVAC (28%), systems which rely heavily on natural gas, finding ways to reduce your restaurant’s gas bill in 2019 may be a top priority for your business. While

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How to Reduce Energy Consumption in a Restaurant

Reduce Energy Consumption The cost of energy is rising, and we are continually facing dwindling natural resources and the ill effects of harmful environmental practices. Saving energy isn’t as difficult as you think – simple alterations in your restaurant can save significant energy, and you’ll reap these savings in your profit margins.Below, we highlight simple steps you can take to improve energy consumption. This will also attract energy-conscious patrons to your establishment.Read on for

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Practical Water Maintenance Tips for Restaurants During Winter

Cold weather is here! While firing up the equipment in the kitchen makes it feel cozy and warm, there are several locations in the building where your pipes are at risk of freezing. Part of the energy saving plan for your restaurant includes water maintenance during winter. Frozen Pipes Cost Money The cost of repairing burst pipes can be astronomical. Without running water, your local health department has no choice but to insist you lock your doors and cease operations. Why Do Pipes Burst?

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