conserving water in a restaurant

5 Ways You Can Conserve Water in Your Restaurant in 2019

conserving water in a restaurant

Fall is coming and with it, a number of great opportunities to increase your conservation efforts–including saving on your water usage. Do you want to conserve water in your restaurant this year?

Try employing some of these key strategies:

1. Pre-soak pots and pans

Pots and pans require a lot of water and a lot of scrubbing to get clean. By pre-soaking them, on the other hand, you can substantially reduce the amount of water necessary to get them clean.

In fact, soaking uses a lot less water than scrubbing!

2. Install low-flow toilets

Even better, use toilets that allow the guest to select the amount of water used based on their use of the toilet: low water for relatively low mess, and a heavier flow for more mess.

This can help prevent the need for multiple flushes and decrease overall water usage.

3. Use high-pressure aerating faucets

These faucets deliver the same high pressure from your water, which makes it easier to get things clean, but also use less water than traditional faucets.

You can use aerating faucets in your kitchen and in your bathrooms.

4. Install air-cooled ice machines and boilerless cookers

Water-cooled ice machines can use thousands of gallons of water every day, while air-cooled machines don’t require any additional water to keep your ice cool and fresh.

Cookers that use boilers, on the other hand, may use as much as 40 gallons of water per hour–an amount that you can reduce entirely by using a boilerless cooker.

These simple swaps can make a big difference in your overall water usage.

5. Schedule an assessment

Are you struggling to figure out where your restaurant uses excessive amounts of water? A third-party evaluation can help you better understand water usage throughout your restaurant and help you conserve water in the future.

Schedule annual evaluations to help you better shape a water and energy-efficient restaurant.

Do you need to know more about energy and water efficiency in your restaurant? Want to improve your conservation efforts and decrease energy usage?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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