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Five key benefits of Cloud-based Energy Management Systems for Restaurants

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Having a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) can provide multiple benefits for every restaurant owner.

1. Reduce Energy Use –Take a peek into individual restaurants or all of them to evaluate energy costs and compare performance across all of your restaurants.

2. Guest Comfort – In many restaurants, the guests will put sweaters and jackets on even in the summer months.  This is because the restaurant staff has control of the thermostat and, understandably, they are warmer than the guests.  We suggest restaurants Cool for Guest Comfort (The CGC Rule). This keeps the guests happy and their food warm longer.

3. Proactive Maintenance – Cut problems off at the pass. Things like declining performance in an air conditioner or rising temperatures in a walk-in freezer could indicate equipment failure. You now have the power to dispatch maintenance before a crisis occurs.

4. Real-Time Alerts – Unexpected events and out-of-spec conditions can trigger automatic alerts that give you the time needed to take swift action and solve problems.

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