Instant Off water saves money in restaurants

INSTANT-OFF Stops Water from Draining Your Bottom Line

Instant Off water saves money in restaurants

GWT2Energy does not like that the food industry tosses away billions of dollars each year on wasted water.

Training employees on conservation practices and installing water-saving technologies are vital to lowering your water usage costs. This is why we are authorized distributors of INSTANT-OFF products.

The INSTANT-OFF valves conserve water, save on water heating costs, and help prevent cross-contamination in restaurants.

How INSTANT-OFF Saves Water

You’ve likely seen busy restaurant workers leaving a faucet on as they rush around the kitchen. The INSTANT-OFF shut off valves solve this problem by stopping water flow with a simple move of the hand that takes essentially no time to perform.

The valves also ensure that your faucets will not drip. You see, leaky faucets are notorious water-wasters. A practical and reliable way to stop dripping faucets is essential for any restaurant that is serious about saving water.

In fact, an average leaky faucet wastes about 10,000 gallons of water a year according to the EPA.

How INSTANT-OFF Saves Energy and Plumbing Costs

With INSTANT-OFF, your restaurant gets water savings without the added electricity or battery replacement costs.

Actually, INSTANT-OFF shut off valves pay for themselves by saving hundreds of dollars per year, or more, in water and energy-related costs.

This is not including the potential savings in plumbing related costs. Plumbers often charge well over $100 to repair a leaky faucet.

How INSTANT-OFF Reduces a Health Risk

The valve’s design prevents the possibility of cross-contamination that results from touching faucet handles. INSTANT-OFF can virtually eliminate this health risk because its design means employees do not need to touch handles with their fingertips.

The same design also makes turning faucets on and off easier as there is no need for gripping a handle. This is especially good for any employees who may have arthritis or other issues with their hands.

Water Conservation is One Piece of the Puzzle

GWT2Energy prides ourselves on considering both the big picture and the “little” things. Focusing on restaurants gives us the understanding of the specific day-to-day operations that impact utility costs.

Saving money on equipment-related utility bills involves more than just using Energy Star equipment. It means having proper procedures and the best conservation technologies. INSTANT-OFF is a critical component in a restaurant’s water and energy conservation plan.

If you’re ready to discuss how we can prevent water costs from draining your restaurant’s bottom line please contact us.

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