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Power Saving Tips for High-Energy Use Restaurant Appliances

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Any successful plan to keep restaurant energy costs down includes power saving tips and techniques for high-energy use appliances. GWT2Energy knows which restaurant equipment is likely to be your biggest energy hog and how to minimize the associated costs.

After all, we pride ourselves on understanding day-to-day restaurant operations.

So, here are a few tips to deal with high energy restaurant appliances.

Choose Appliances Wisely

The utility of commercial steamers for restaurants is well-documented. They allow you to cook a lot of food quickly and thoroughly.

In addition, you can season dishes, such as vegetables, without watering down the flavor. Unfortunately, steamers demand a lot of energy.

Having said this, not all steamers are created equal.

Look for steamers with the Energy Star label. The increased efficiency often makes them a wise investment even if it means replacing a steamer already in operation.

This Energy Star guide states that an efficient steamer can save restaurants $1,100 annually in power costs in addition to water-related savings!

Other high-energy equipment such as broilers, combination ovens, holding cabinets, and walk-in freezers also have alternatives that are more energy efficient. High-quality strip curtains and gaskets at walk-in freezer entrances will help as well.

GWT2Energy knows the value of efficient appliances as we are intimately familiar with their real-world results.

Proper Procedures

No matter the equipment, running it inefficiently is akin to throwing cash out your restaurant’s window. Improper use of high-energy use appliances means tossing out $100 bills as opposed to smaller denominations.

Power hogs must be switched off when they’re not in use. Preheating procedures should result in getting to the precise temperature needed at the exact time it will be needed.

How about seeing a freezer door hanging open with no employees around? For workers to stick to procedures, they need an action plan, which GWT2Energy helps you implement and follow through on.

Upkeep of High Energy Appliances

Proper upkeep reduces the work needed for optimal appliance performance. Eliminating scale on steamers and broilers is helpful.

However, upkeep involves more than thorough cleaning. Restaurant equipment parts will often wear down before they break. This leads to energy loss that may be avoidable with an inexpensive part replacement.

We Understand Restaurant Appliances

Restaurant appliances and daily operations are unique. With this in mind, GWT2Energy works with you to bring energy use down with even the most energy-intensive appliances.

You see, there’s no reason for a power-draining appliance to steal from your bottom line. Please contact us for a customized approach to fighting high energy costs.

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