man maintains equipment in restaurant

Proper Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Helps Profit Margins

man maintains equipment in restaurant

All-too-often, thin net profit margins are a problem for restaurants. This is where the “small” things make all the difference.

You see, most restaurateurs have some understanding of cost control measures. Yet, mastering these measures and rolling them into a comprehensive plan is a difficult task.

With this in mind, it’s best to look at each measure separately before implementing that optimal holistic strategy. Proper equipment maintenance is a vital measure. It attacks thin profit margins by saving energy and reducing equipment related costs.

Keep it Clean

Most homeowners know they must change and/or clean furnace filters regularly or the machine’s efficiency suffers. Restaurants have many opportunities for debris-filled equipment to drive up energy bills. Optimal cleaning routines schedules are a key part of any restaurant’s cost-saving strategy.

Hard working equipment is high-energy cost equipment! You see, clogged fryers and messy grills use unnecessary energy as they work harder when compared to their properly cleaned counterparts.

Also, consider that beverage towers are notorious mold producers. Besides being unsanitary, and a potential health code violation, these moldy towers gunk up valves and can damage internal parts.

Once again, this results in the equipment working harder than it would otherwise. Fortunately, this mold is prevented through proper care.

Keep up with maintenance

Loading a kitchen up with Energy Star appliances doesn’t do much good when they’re not running at optimal efficiency. The good news is that equipment upkeep schedules and energy management plans often overlap, bringing savings in both equipment costs and utility bills.

Control systems and thermostats will need to be adjusted every now and then. Failure to monitor and recalibrate these devices will hurt efficiency and result in needless repair and replacement costs. Simple upkeep is always less costly than repairing major components or buying new equipment.

High-quality steamers are very efficient nowadays. However, as this Energy Star guide points out, steamer gaskets are prone to loosen or tear. As you may expect, this leads to leaks, which leads to less than optimal performance and higher energy bills.

Comprehensive Management Solutions

GWT2Energy understands the difficulties of managing restaurant profit margins. While we specialize in energy savings, demand-side solutions generally overlap. Energy saving measures often coincidence with savings in other areas such as equipment-related costs. It takes thorough evaluation and comprehensive management solutions to achieve maximum efficiency.

Contact us to see how we may begin a relationship that brings higher net profit margins to your restaurant.

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