Is Your Refrigerator Running? Using IoT Temperature Monitoring

n Spoiled Food Equals Sunk CostsAny business owner knows sunk costs are both frustrating and unavoidable. Yet, they can be significantly reduced if well-managed, especially with tools like IoT temperature monitoring.You see, perishable products received by a restaurant become inventory in the accounting world, intended on being used to create the products sold. If meats, produce, and dairy ingredients are not stored properly, the money spent is simply lost when the food is tossed.By utilizing IoT n

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Rising gas prices

How Rising Gas Prices Will Impact Your Restaurant

As the summer season carries on, gas prices continue to skyrocket. Transportation costs affect business owners in many ways, especially those running a restaurant. Every meal comes with hidden costs that can add up over time. So it’s important to know how the economy can affect your restaurant, and what you can do to keep...Continue reading

happy man in restaurant

Our Energy-Saving Strategy is Effective Because it’s Unique

GWT2Energy cares about your restaurant. After all, we specialize in the restaurant industry, making our success dependent upon yours. From supply side to demand side, our solutions are based on an owner’s perspective, fully customized, and comprehensive. Specializing in the restaurant industry means we are equipped with a unique full-service strategy that is proven to...Continue reading

benefits of energy management plan

The Benefits of an Energy Management Plan in Restaurants

When you own or manage a restaurant, you know that cost savings are critical to ensuring your restaurant is able to run smoothly. In many cases, you may resort to extreme measures in order to cut costs where you can. Clearly, this is about more than just the dreaded thermostat wars that can take place...Continue reading

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