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How to Reduce Energy Consumption in a Restaurant

Reduce Energy Consumption The cost of energy is rising, and we are continually facing dwindling natural resources and the ill effects of harmful environmental practices. Saving energy isn’t as difficult as you think – simple alterations in your restaurant can save significant energy, and you’ll reap these savings in your profit margins.Below, we highlight simple steps you can take to improve energy consumption. This will also attract energy-conscious patrons to your establishment.Read on for

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What to Do When Your Restaurant Runs Out of Hot Water

According to the EPA, out of all water consumed commercially, restaurants use about 15% in the U.S. due to the kitchen and dishwashing needs, domestic and restroom usage, landscaping, and other needs.Something as important as hot water in a restaurant almost doesn’t warrant too much thought, it’s just expected to be there. However, it’s when there is no hot water does it draw attention.How to avoid running out of hot waterUnderstand your needs. It’s important to know how much water you need so

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In Hot Water: What’s New?

When you were dreaming about owning, being a part, or becoming the chef of a restaurant, your visions were probably not filled with grand ideas of how you would revolutionize water efficiency. In fact, water most likely didn’t have any place in your visions except perhaps where pasta was concerned. Unfortunately, as you now know,...Continue reading

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