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How to Reduce Energy Consumption in a Restaurant

Reduce Energy Consumption The cost of energy is rising, and we are continually facing dwindling natural resources and the ill effects of harmful environmental practices. Saving energy isn’t as difficult as you think – simple alterations in your restaurant can save significant energy, and you’ll reap these savings in your profit margins.Below, we highlight simple steps you can take to improve energy consumption. This will also attract energy-conscious patrons to your establishment.Read on for

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Getting Started with LED Lighting in Restaurants

Converting your current lighting to LED lighting is the easiest way for you to move your restaurant towards higher electrical efficiency. Covered in a previous article, we discussed why LED lighting is a wise choice. Requiring no substantial equipment conversions or otherwise drastic changes, this should be the first step taken to reduce your energy bill. But, how should you go about making this a reality?The answer: quite simply.Plug and PlayThe idea of converting your current lighting may seem

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LED lighting can save restaurants money

How LED Lighting in Restaurants Saves Your Business Money

We can agree that energy consumption in your restaurant is unavoidable. Our reliance on technology is constant. In fact, whether it’s AC in the summer or heat in the winter, there’s always a demand for constant power.But there’s another constant factor that’s easily overlooked—traditional light bulbs.Many restaurants looking to improve their energy efficiency have moved away from traditional light sources and turned to LED technology. But what exactly are LEDs and how are they beneficial to the

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Is Your Restaurant Company’s Natural Gas Bill as Low as Possible?

Reducing utility costs for natural gas can have magical impacts on the bottom line versus other ongoing expenses. The magic occurs when certain costs can be identified, eliminated or reduced, with those dollar savings often extending for years on utility bills. Monthly financial savings multiply into long-term savings. For starters, please consider: Is the natural...Continue reading

How much do sewer charges cost your restaurant?

Are some of your restaurants’ water bills much more expensive than the others?  This could be because it is using more water, but it could also be from your water utility charging more for sewer. For example, a large southeastern city that provides water to the city and the nearby communities just outside the city,...Continue reading

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