create an exceptional guest experience

3 Ways to Create an Exceptional Guest Experience at Your Restaurant

create an exceptional guest experience

The most important people at your restaurant are the guests. We can agree that they keep the doors open and the grills fired up! So creating great experiences for guests is an important aspect of the restaurant business.

In fact, the biggest reason people stop visiting a restaurant is due to poor service. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of customer service!

So here are a few ways you can create and cultivate a great experience for your patrons that keeps them coming back for more.

Minimize Wait Times

The quickest way to disappoint a guest is making them wait an inordinate amount of time for service.

When people enter your restaurant, they should be greeted immediately and seated. Small wait times are normal and natural, but you should never have guests waiting for too long.

If an ordered menu item is going to take longer to prepare, let your customers know that there will be a slight delay. Be upfront and open about all timing issues.

In turn, your guests will have a better understanding and will less likely have a problem waiting the few extra minutes.

Address Problems or Concerns

When guests have complaints or concerns, address them quickly so they don’t linger or fester.

Listen carefully to what they’re saying and what they want. Also, try to find the best solution to their problem that pleases them and doesn’t put too much strain on the restaurant.

Depending on the concern, be sure to apologize and own the mistake. Doing so builds trust and confidence that you’ll handle the situation and have their best interest at heart.

You see, once you disappoint a customer, it is hard to win them back. So be sure to fix any issues before they escalate into a real problem.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

One of the biggest things you can do today is offer your customers free Wi-Fi service. By providing Wi-Fi, you’re extending an extra service without adding too much cost.

Actually, most guests expect Wi-Fi access just about everywhere they go. People always have at least one smart device on them at all times, and they’re constantly using the web and related services.

Free Wi-Fi gives this added convenience when dining at your restaurant.

So let your customers know how they can stay connected by making the password easily accessible. Display it on your table tents or menu where guests have no problem finding it.

Also, don’t forget to mention how they can stay connected with you by sharing your social media handles and hashtags.

Enrich Your Guests Experience Today!

The big takeaway in delivering exceptional guest experiences is dedication to customer service. Diners will always be impressed by great tasting meals and drinks, but they won’t come back unless you deliver top-notch service.

Remember, your guests could have chosen to go anywhere, they could have cooked at home, but they came to your restaurant. Make their treatment a priority and they’ll return the favor by continuing to come back for more!

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