using an energy management system

The Pros and Cons of Restaurants Using an Energy Management System

using an energy management system

Restaurants Using An Energy Management System

Being a restaurant owner or manager comes with a lot of responsibility. Some common ones include ensuring the kitchen is clean and up to code, that the menu items are exceptional, and everyone’s performing well in their job roles.

Also, ensuring the restaurant is profitable is incredibly important. So making sure all costs are within reason is vital. Yet, one area many restaurants often overlook is energy consumption.

The Good: Controlling Costs with EMS

You see, energy consumption and costs can eat a big portion of a restaurant’s budget. A smart way to monitor your restaurant’s energy is by using an energy management system (EMS).

An energy management system is used with a computer or similar device and allows restaurant owners and managers to monitor usage of natural gas and electricity. It even turns temperatures up or down as needed. Decreasing costs with EMS is possible by looking for any high usage patterns.

For example, oftentimes, energy usage spikes at certain times of the day or year. These patterns can be analyzed and discover ways to lower energy usage and costs during those times.

It could be a simple fix that’s needed to lower costs dramatically over the long run. So an EMS allows you to track usage easily and see when things are in need of changing. It’ll also reveal if these changes are indeed working!

High power rates from natural gas or electric providers is a real problem and will be evident as you monitor your restaurant’s energy usage. This can open your eyes to the possibility of getting a better plan with your current provider or switching to a company that offers lower rates. In fact, some companies are willing to offer deals and discounts in order to get your business.

Ultimately, an energy management system can empower you to really have total control of one of your highest costs of running a business and help increase your profits.

The Challenges of Energy Management Systems

Now that you understand the pros of using an energy management system, there are a few cons.

One is busy restaurant owners and managers may not have the time to monitor it as closely as they’d like due to having a demanding schedule and plenty of other responsibilities.

Additionally, some may find they’re not saving enough money to justify having an energy management system.

GWT2Energy will help you address these challenges by offering personalized assistance through a call center that can monitor the EMS.

In fact, contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you use EMS to lower your utility costs and increase profits!

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