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4 Highly-Effective Energy Conservation Tips for Restaurant Owners

energy savings

Energy Conservation Tips for Restaurant Owners

The cost of energy is rising every other day! Thus, emphasis on embracing conservation measures that will preserve natural resources and save cost is increasing as well. As a restaurant operator, energy conservation is likely on your list of priorities. Failure to control the use of power within your restaurant can have far-reaching effects on your daily operations, and that can result in severe losses.

So gaining an understanding of your obligations towards energy conservation as a restaurant owner is critical if you want to realize profitability.

We can help get you there! Here are some of the tips worth adopting to employ energy conservation methods in your establishment.

Consider An Efficient Layout

The layout of your kitchen may be contributing to the rise in energy consumption in your restaurant. For instance, placing your oven next to the ice machine will cause your equipment to work harder. This is a key reason why should consider reorganizing your kitchen for efficiency purposes.

So when rearranging your kitchen, separate the heating equipment from the cooling machines. Also, use identical ventilation hoods for similar units.

Turn Off Idle Equipment and Lighting

Unfortunately, most restaurant workers leave idle equipment and lighting on. This small act contributes significantly to the cost of utilities. Additionally, opting for solar-powered lights or timers for your outdoors can attract huge savings.

Finally, you should also consider turning off the range or the fryer when downtime sets in to tame your energy bill. Your preheating can start once traffic increases.

Prioritize Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment

Failure to clean and maintain your restaurant equipment regularly forces it to work harder, thus, increasing the rate of power consumption. You see, proper maintenance of your fittings will not only enhance functionality, but it will also lower the cost of power.

Using water filtration systems is also advisable since it prevents accumulation of mineral deposits and calcification in facilities that use water.

Regulate Water Usage

The tendency to misuse water is quite high. If your restaurant relies on power to pump water for storage, your utility costs may diminish your profits when you overlook the necessity of controlling water usage within your restaurant.

To regulate water consumption, ask your staff to turn off running taps between rinsing cycles and when they’re not in use. Additionally, the installation of pre-rinse spray valves and fixing any leaking pipes also promote energy conservation.

We advocate for the installation of an energy management system (EMS) in restaurants, which is an energy-efficient program that can reduce the cost of your utility bills. Contact us at GWT2Energy to discover more about how our energy-efficiency experts can help lower your restaurant’s utility bills today.

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