Reduce Costs by Keeping Tabs on Your Restaurant’s Utility Bills.

When your costs go up, you have just two choices — reduce your spending or raise your prices. Most restaurant owners are raising prices. Revenue Management Solutions found that full-service prices shot up 9% year-over-year between August 2021 and August 2022. Customers have noticed. As a result, about 45% of diners say they’re eating out...

Hot Topic: Indoor Air Quality and Temperature Control

Guidelines for dining out may be easing up however, your customers may still have concerns regarding  health and safety at indoor establishments. In addition to sanitation precautions and distancing procedures, restaurant owners and operators need to monitor systems properly to control air quality. Does this mean larger bills? Not necessarily! Here are 3 helpful tips...Continue reading

Three Ways Restaurants Can Control Energy Changes

As we continue in a pandemic era, we are all learning to alter our approach to customer experience, especially in the food industry.  Restaurants are leveraging contact-less platforms and placing consumers at a distance to flourish in these unforeseen times.  Not only that, but throughout the past couple of years, restaurants have discovered new ways...Continue reading

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