Three Ways Restaurants Can Control Energy Changes

As we continue in a pandemic era, we are all learning to alter our approach to customer experience, especially in the food industry. 

Restaurants are leveraging contact-less platforms and placing consumers at a distance to flourish in these unforeseen times

Not only that, but throughout the past couple of years, restaurants have discovered new ways to utilize digital technology to deliver products and services. They are limiting indoor dining room access and doubling up on outdoor seating options and drive-thru spaces. In most cases, this is causing a change in energy distribution and an increase in energy consumption. 

Here are a few ways you can keep Energy usage at bay during these changes:

  1. To control high-powered, multi-graphic signage, place them on specialized outlets and monitor electricity off-site. Add outlets for outdoor lighting, and schedule timers for limited indoor dining. GWT2Energy’s energy management systems and call center are critical for managing multiple sources at each location, and save restaurants 10-20% on their overall annual electric expenses.
  2. Ensure humidity is controlled and climate systems are shut off when necessary. Utilize only essential equipment for cooking and cleaning near drive-up windows or designated areas for delivery orders. Train staff on all machinery for a smooth transition between shifts. Have your HVAC equipment serviced regularly to make sure you’re getting quality output when the systems are running. Our outsourced vendors can ensure you won’t be losing energy from these power sources.
  3. An increase in contactless delivery orders may include specialized food offerings and changes to menu options. Be savvy about product orders and assess changes in your waste. Managing these factors will decrease costs on unnecessary storage needs or trash accumulation. GWT2Energy’s experts are skilled in bill analysis to ensure you’re not overpaying vendors that assist with these needs.

Contactless services and digital displays will introduce new energy costs that may not have been budgeted for in the past. GWT2Energy will review your bills and advise on cost-cutting strategies. Our experts are here to assist you with all energy expenditures-reach out for a consultation today! Visit our site, for details or email us at to start the conversation.

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