Hot Topic: Indoor Air Quality and Temperature Control

Guidelines for dining out may be easing up however, your customers may still have concerns regarding  health and safety at indoor establishments. In addition to sanitation precautions and distancing procedures, restaurant owners and operators need to monitor systems properly to control air quality. Does this mean larger bills? Not necessarily! Here are 3 helpful tips on how GWT2Energy’s experts and technology can work with you to manage these energy costs.

Control your dining room’s temperature and humidity levels during business hours

GWT2Energy’s central call centers regulate changes based on outdoor air and indoor space. Our technology maintains humidity between 40-60%, the recommended levels for optimal comfort and quality. And, GWT2Energy’s center can ensure that any significant spikes are taken care of, once operating hours have ceased.  

HVAC equipment performance is essential for air quality. 

Utilizing GWT2Energy’s Energy Management System, we can monitor HVAC performance and suggest changes for cutting costs on operation and maintenance.

Temperature Control.

Kitchen appliances, which include refrigerators, walk-in coolers and freezers, need to have the temperature controlled for health concerns and energy output. GWT2Energy has systems available to remotely monitor temperatures in the walk-in coolers and freezers and water heaters to ensure that your equipment is maintaining the proper temperature and alert you and your team if there should be an issue.

GWT2Energy’s experts take multiple factors into consideration for energy efficiency to proactively lower our clients’ overall utility spend. Visit us at to learn more about our services and reach out via email at  for a free consultation!

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