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3 Ways to Lower Your Restaurant’s Gas Bill in 2019

Restaurants have a voracious appetite for energy. According to the 2015 ENERGY STAR Guide for Cafes, Restaurants, and Institutional Kitchens, the energy load used by restaurants per square foot ranges from 5 to 10 times more than other commercial businesses. Since over half of the energy consumption comes from food preparation (35%) and HVAC (28%), systems which rely heavily on natural gas, finding ways to reduce your restaurant’s gas bill in 2019 may be a top priority for your business. While

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How to Reduce Energy Consumption in a Restaurant

Reduce Energy Consumption The cost of energy is rising, and we are continually facing dwindling natural resources and the ill effects of harmful environmental practices. Saving energy isn’t as difficult as you think – simple alterations in your restaurant can save significant energy, and you’ll reap these savings in your profit margins.Below, we highlight simple steps you can take to improve energy consumption. This will also attract energy-conscious patrons to your establishment.Read on for

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Practical Water Maintenance Tips for Restaurants During Winter

Cold weather is here! While firing up the equipment in the kitchen makes it feel cozy and warm, there are several locations in the building where your pipes are at risk of freezing. Part of the energy saving plan for your restaurant includes water maintenance during winter. Frozen Pipes Cost Money The cost of repairing burst pipes can be astronomical. Without running water, your local health department has no choice but to insist you lock your doors and cease operations. Why Do Pipes Burst?

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4 Big Reasons to Hire a Restaurant Energy Consultant

Have you been on the fence about hiring an energy consultant for your restaurant? An energy consultant can offer a number of key advantages.In fact, if you’re still debating, consider these key reasons to bring in an energy consultant as soon as possible. A Restaurant Energy Consultant Can Help You Save MoneyEnergy consumption is one of the biggest expenses you’ll deal with in your restaurant. If you’re looking for ways to cut expenses, starting with a restaurant energy consultant is a great

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Restaurant Water Waste – How to Conserve Water and Lower Your Bill

Restaurant Water WasteWater is necessary for virtually every phase of a restaurant’s operations. While there are huge disparities according to size, the average sit-down restaurant uses around 3,000-7,000 gallons of water daily. Quick-service restaurants (fast-foods) use about a third of this.The EPA estimates that 15 percent of all commercial and industrial water supplied is used by restaurants.Drought and climatic changes can reduce water available for use. Therefore, smart restaurant owners

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Restaurant Energy Consumption: How to Decrease Costs with High-Energy Appliances

Restaurant Energy Consumption It may come as no surprise, but efficient appliances save money and money saved is money made.For full-service restaurants, energy costs are of major concern. Using commercial appliances to prepare food is not nearly as low cost as popping two slices of bread in a household toaster.In fact, according to the United States EPA, “Most commercial kitchen appliances are energy intensive…a typical deep fat fryer uses more than 18,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per

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3 Big Benefits of Installing a Restaurant Energy Management System

Benefits of Restaurant Energy Management System Energy is a necessity for the operation of any restaurant or chain of restaurants. The challenge is that some restaurant operators are struggling to minimize their energy costs, which eats into the profits of their businesses.Ultimately, failure to invest in energy control systems can drive the energy cost of your restaurant through the roof, and that becomes a setback because it hinders profitability.An energy management system (EMS) can help you

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How to Manage Rising Gas Prices in Your Restaurant

It is known across the country that prices are rising at the pump. Cost of gasoline is on the rise, which means that people will be driving less. The national average price of a gallon of gas currently sits at $2.259 and has varied greatly throughout the year.A number of political and economic factors are driving the rising costs of gasoline, and it is difficult to say if or when costs will fall again. Restaurants cannot control this potential issue but must find creative solutions to offset the

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LED lighting in a restaurant

Getting Started with LED Lighting in Restaurants

Converting your current lighting to LED lighting is the easiest way for you to move your restaurant towards higher electrical efficiency. Covered in a previous article, we discussed why LED lighting is a wise choice. Requiring no substantial equipment conversions or otherwise drastic changes, this should be the first step taken to reduce your energy bill. But, how should you go about making this a reality?The answer: quite simply.Plug and PlayThe idea of converting your current lighting may seem

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What to Do When Your Restaurant Runs Out of Hot Water

According to the EPA, out of all water consumed commercially, restaurants use about 15% in the U.S. due to the kitchen and dishwashing needs, domestic and restroom usage, landscaping, and other needs.Something as important as hot water in a restaurant almost doesn’t warrant too much thought, it’s just expected to be there. However, it’s when there is no hot water does it draw attention.How to avoid running out of hot waterUnderstand your needs. It’s important to know how much water you need so

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