couple photographs their food in restaurant

How to Ensure Food Costs for Your Restaurant is Profitable

couple photographs their food in restaurant

Running a restaurant is hard, unpredictable work. Each opening day has a variety of outcomes that depend on staff, customers, and deliveryschedules for food and supplies. Owning a restaurant isn’t for the easily discouraged as there will be all types of setbacks which can make the experience both exciting and tiring.

The most essential part of running a restaurant is, of course, the food. The quality, cost, and availability of each item on the menu will impact the type of customers who will come in to try your dishes or frequent your establishment.

In fact, the food is the heart and soul of the company! So, ensuring you’re getting the best for your buck is vital for success in this industry.

Calculate Cost per Diner

What is the cost of each ingredient used for each item on the menu? This will include not only the value of the food, but also the delivery, interest of food, spoilage, theft, and foods returned for poor quality.

Consider this cost along with the number of diners you receive per month. Are you always breaking even, or are you making a visible profit?

Consider Your Target Diner

When potential customers are deciding on a place to eat, they will usually already have a budget in their head of what they’re willing to spend per plate, drink, and tip.

So, how does the cost of your meal fit into their plan? Are you trying to serve the everyday man or do you want to hold special occasion dinners?

This consideration must go into the cost of your menu items as well as the cost and quality of the food you purchase.

Keep an Eye on Waste and Theft

Sure, everyone makes mistakes and having high morale with the staff is essential in running a successful kitchen. Consistent training and evaluation of staff members can help to reduce waste.

Who makes mistakes and how often? What can be done to help them improve or are they better suited for another position?

Hiring trustworthy workers and treating them well is one proven way to crack down on theft in the kitchen. When workers feel they have the time and money to eat without stealing from the restaurant, they will. Someone would be less likely to risk a job they believe is a great place to work with excellent management.

Another tip would be to keep an inventory of what is happening to each product. Managers should check on this often, and they will be the eyes and ears of the restaurant while you’re not in to keep track.

Having a trustworthy staff will ensure this entire process runs smoothly.

GWT2Energy Ensures Your Restaurant is Profitable

Just like controlling your food cost is important, controlling your energy costs is too. GWT2Energy is committed to helping you increase your bottom line by saving on your utility bills. Contact us today to learn how you can cut costs and create an energy-efficient restaurant that drives bigger profits for your business.


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