woman with common sense will lower restaurant operating costs

Energy Efficiency and Common Sense Combine to Lower a Restaurant’s Costs

woman with common sense will lower restaurant operating costs

The value of training staff in habits that conserve power is often overlooked when organizing an energy management plan in restaurants. Lighting and equipment that’s energy efficient is a must, but something as simple as turning off faucets rather than letting them run can offer big savings in the long run.

In fact, the prevalence of high energy costs make addressing all types of waste essential in order for a restaurant to remain profitable.

Installing Equipment that’s Proven Energy Efficient

There are many ways to decrease a restaurant’s utility bills, such as installing LED lighting, and newer equipment and appliances with a lower demand for power.

Furnishing your kitchen with the most efficient production models on the market assures energy savings. But perhaps your food service business presently lacks ready cash for investing in new equipment.

Proper Staff Training

Simple instructions like closing cooler doors immediately upon exiting, turning off faucets the moment hands or food materials are no longer being washed doesn’t seem like rocket science, but is remarkably difficult to accomplish consistently for many staff members.

Though these instructions may seem mundane, they are essential to energy savings. Make them a part of your restaurant’s basic training.

Additionally, the major tips highlighted in this blog post cover pointers taken for granted, yet, can drive your profits when implemented.

Posted Reminders

It’s difficult at times for even the most dedicated workers to remember the guidelines for energy efficiency. Signs posted in prominent places cost nearly nothing and can trigger a great savings.

Some spots signs should be visible include:

  • Above sinks to turn off faucets.
  • Over or near equipment as a reminder to turn off idling motors and to clean and maintain equipment regularly, as proper maintenance promotes energy efficiency.
  • Beside light switches in restrooms and seldom used areas.

What Studies Say About Waste

Energy waste really adds up in the restaurant industry. This study details the billions of dollars charged to unnecessary usage. Your business loss may not be in the billion range, but if you don’t have an energy management plan in place at your restaurant, it likely adds up to a big chunk of change.

According to an article in Energy Manager Today, “restaurants waste energy differently than other businesses . . . and they are among the worst energy offenders . . . almost two thirds of the energy used is allocated to kitchen activities.”

Assisting with implementing an energy management plan in restaurants is our business at GWT2Energy.

If your restaurant could benefit from greater profits, please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation or find answers to questions you may have about our service.

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