7 ways to save energy in restaurants

The Top 7 Ways to Save Energy in Restaurants

7 ways to save energy in restaurants

You want your restaurant to be eco-friendly–not to mention the savings that reducing energy use can bring to your energy bill each month.

With over 20 years working in the restaurant industry and extensive experience in energy management, we’ve found that there are always simple measures restaurants can take to reduce energy costs.

In fact, a simple look around your restaurant can yield several energy-saving strategies, lowering your energy usage and making it easier for you to reach your financial goals each month.

So, here are seven helpful ways to save energy in restaurants and begin driving greater profits for your business:

Strategy #1: Check Your Lights

What type of bulbs are you using to provide light throughout your restaurant?

Whether you’re going for low lighting to set that perfect romantic tone or you’re using bright lights in the kitchen so the chef can see every important detail of the food, LED lights will provide you with the brilliance you need for a fraction of the energy usage.

While these bulbs may be more expensive when you purchase them, they’ll help you save in the long run: not only do they save energy, they also last longer than traditional bulbs.

Strategy #2: Buy Energy-Efficient Equipment

Restaurant equipment ranges from industrial dishwashers to ovens to registers…each consuming energy. Fortunately, there are also models out there that are designed to help you save energy!

If you’re buying equipment throughout your restaurant, look for Energy Star models that are designed to produce the same results on a fraction of the energy.

In many cases, this simple change can have a big impact on your energy bills over the course of the year.

Strategy #3: Seal the Gaps

Take a walk around your restaurant on a cold winter day. Are there areas, whether at the windows or by the doors, that you can feel cold air sneaking in?

What about your freezer: is it sealed tightly, or does cold air sometimes leak into the restaurant when the door is shut? Any time you’re allowing air to leak inside the restaurant, you’ll find that it increases your energy costs.

Take the time to seal those gaps and watch your energy bill drop as a result.

Strategy #4: Keep Up with Maintenance

When was the last time you had your HVAC unit professionally maintained? What about the appliances that you use in the kitchen every day?

It’s easy to let maintenance slide by, especially if all of your equipment seems to be working just fine.

However, by keeping up with regular maintenance, you can often reduce the strain placed on your appliances through daily usage, leaving them running more smoothly and using less energy as a result.

Strategy #5: Close Off Unused Areas

Do you have party rooms in your restaurant that aren’t used on a regular basis? How about storage rooms?

Closing off those areas, especially during extreme temperatures, can help reduce energy use. Simply shut off the vents in those areas, then close the door, sealing gaps if possible.

It’s easy to open those rooms back up again when you need them, but in the meantime, there’s no need to pay for the energy to keep them heated or cooled.

Strategy #6: Consider Installing an Energy Management System

Another excellent way to save energy in restaurants is by installing a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS). The benefits are profound for reducing energy and providing an overall great guest experience.

You see, this system can monitor your energy use, informing where you’re spending the most energy to correct the problem. Whether it’s the result of a declining performing air conditioner or equipment failure, your EMS will alert you so you can quickly take action and get to the solution.

Finally, you can also ensure guests are comfortable during their stay. Oftentimes, managers tend to cool down the restaurants because workers are actively moving and the kitchen stays warm. By using the Cool for Guest Rule, customers will be happy while helping their food stay warmer longer.

Strategy #7: Bring in the Professionals

Hiring a professional energy consultant can highlight ways on how your restaurant is expending energy. It’s one of the best ways to learn more about your restaurant and how to reduce costs. A consultation can save you thousands of dollars a year, well worth the time and investment.

In fact, contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your operation to lower your budget and make it easier for your restaurant to accomplish its daily tasks.

Begin Using these Ways to Save Energy in Restaurants Today

Reducing energy usage isn’t just a great strategy for letting your customers know that you’re going green. As you work with GWT2Energy to reduce your energy use every day, you’ll drop your energy bills, lowering your operating costs and making your restaurant more efficient in many regards.

It’s time to make an energy change–and we’re here to help!

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