3 trends restaurants use to cut utility bills

Top 3 Trends Restaurants Are Using to Cut Back on their Energy Bill

3 trends restaurants use to cut utility bills

Irrespective of how big or small your restaurant is, it needs a lot of energy for daily operations. Air ventilation, gas, large-scale appliances, and temperature control are just a couple of the many contributors to the high energy bills you may be experiencing monthly. In fact, many restaurants spend about three to five percent of their operational costs on energy.

With more than twenty years’ experience in the restaurant world, we have assisted many brands in saving costs on their utility bills. As a result, we’ve realized the following tips can help your restaurant business do the same.

Here are the top three trends you need to follow to cut back your restaurant’s energy bills:

Regular Maintenance on the Current Electrical Equipment

You need to ascertain that your appliance is operating at its most efficient capacity. Planned, continuous maintenance can help avoid various issues like wasted energy problems.

For example, a poorly-maintained fryer will not only cook meals incorrectly, but it will also use extra electricity. This translates to slower cook times, poor food quality, and high energy bills.

It’s essential to maintain the air conditioning system if you don’t have the resources to install a new one. Clogged up filters limit airflow, making the system work much harder and consume much more energy.

Generally, it is advisable to replace the air filters at least four times every year.

Regulate Energy Consumption

Regulate Energy Consumption

The same way you control food portioning, there are methods to regulate energy usage as well. The most common is the artless act of switching appliances off when they are not in usage.

Therefore, keep the lights off in your office, banquet rooms, or inventory closet when they are not in use. If you have several electric stovetops, consider turning off a few and function with one during low customer flow.

Use Energy-Efficient Restaurant Appliances

Consider replacing your restaurant electrical appliances with energy-efficient equipment to start lowering your energy costs. With the growth of technology, many tools have been modernized to use less energy without compromising their output or productivity. Thus, opt for the high-efficiency ovens, steamers, and grills to reduce your energy costs significantly.

Restaurant energy bill reduction is simpler than you might think. With proper equipment, knowledge, and tools, your restaurant can start saving thousands of dollars yearly. Get in touch with us to lower energy costs and operate a much more efficient restaurant business.

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