man maintains equipment in restaurant

Proper Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Helps Profit Margins

All-too-often, thin net profit margins are a problem for restaurants. This is where the “small” things make all the difference.You see, most restaurateurs have some understanding of cost control measures. Yet, mastering these measures and rolling them into a comprehensive plan is a difficult task.With this in mind, it’s best to look at each measure separately before implementing that optimal holistic strategy. Proper equipment maintenance is a vital measure. It attacks thin profit margins by

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woman with common sense will lower restaurant operating costs

Energy Efficiency and Common Sense Combine to Lower a Restaurant’s Costs

The value of training staff in habits that conserve power is often overlooked when organizing an energy management plan in restaurants. Lighting and equipment that’s energy efficient is a must, but something as simple as turning off faucets rather than letting them run can offer big savings in the long run.In fact, the prevalence of high energy costs make addressing all types of waste essential in order for a restaurant to remain profitable.Installing Equipment that’s Proven Energy

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couple photographs their food in restaurant

How to Ensure Food Costs for Your Restaurant is Profitable

Running a restaurant is hard, unpredictable work. Each opening day has a variety of outcomes that depend on staff, customers, and delivery schedules for food and supplies. Owning a restaurant isn’t for the easily discouraged as there will be all types of setbacks which can make the experience both exciting and tiring. The most essential part of running a restaurant is, of course, the food. The quality, cost, and availability of each item on the menu will impact the type of customers who will

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woman dines outside during summer

Saving During the Summer Months: Restaurant Energy Consumption 101

As a restaurant owner, you are all too aware that patrons want to feel comfortable when dining at your establishment.Think of yourself for a minute: going to a restaurant in the middle of the summer, where it’s 100 degrees outside, and 90 degrees inside. It’s likely you wouldn’t feel too comfortable in the establishment and would want to leave.The same goes for your patrons. Understanding a few simple tips will allow you to create a comfortable, cool environment for patrons, without killing your

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