conserving water in a restaurant

5 Ways You Can Conserve Water in Your Restaurant in 2019

Fall is coming and with it, a number of great opportunities to increase your conservation efforts–including saving on your water usage. Do you want to conserve water in your restaurant this year? Try employing some of these key strategies: 1. Pre-soak pots and pans Pots and pans require a lot of water and a lot of scrubbing to get clean. By pre-soaking them, on the other hand, you can substantially reduce the amount of water

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composting in restaurants

Composting in Restaurants to Keep Food Out of Landfills

n According to an analysis from the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, only 17% of restaurants compost leftover food. Given that food waste is often the largest cost in a restaurant, there can be monetary. In fact, this video created by the National Restaurant Association reveals that more money is spent on food waste than any other waste!What is Composting?Composting food waste ensures that it biologically decomposes into a nutrient-rich material. This process transforms food waste into an organic

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cutting costs by cutting waste in a restaurant

4 Creative Ways to Cut Costs by Cutting Waste

n How to Cut Restaurant CostsFood waste is a major problem for most restaurants. Researchers discovered that many restaurants waste so much food that it hurts their bottom line, so reducing that waste can significantly improve profits.There are a lot of techniques that can save money by cutting waste this year.Track Purchases and WasteThe vast majority of waste is accidental. Very few restaurant workers realize the sheer amount of food they throw away. Awareness is the first step towards solving

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happy people in a restaurant

4 Trends Which Are Changing the Restaurant Industry in 2019

n The one thing that’s certain in the restaurant industry is change. The emergence of new technologies and consumers’ increasing demands for convenience and choice mean that restaurant owners need to know what new trends are shaping and changing the industry.As Upserve explains:”The trend-driven nature of restaurants means that restaurateurs are often forced to look up from their long to-do lists and keep a pulse on what’s happening in the industry.”What’s Hot for the Restaurant Industry in

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woman eating in restaurant in summer

It’s Not Too Late! 3 Brilliant Tips to Conserve Energy This Summer

n Even though a portion of the summer season has already passed us by, it’s not too late for restaurant owners and managers to take action to lower those upcoming energy bills. These methods can have an immediate impact to cut costs, as they reduce a restaurant’s energy burden:Add Awnings to the WindowsMaybe you’d like to preserve some natural light, and you don’t want to keep the blinds down, but you really want to cut down on the heat from the scorching sun.Consider the fix of adding in window

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