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4 Trends Which Are Changing the Restaurant Industry in 2019

happy people in a restaurant

The one thing that’s certain in the restaurant industry is change. The emergence of new technologies and consumers’ increasing demands for convenience and choice mean that restaurant owners need to know what new trends are shaping and changing the industry.

As Upserve explains:

“The trend-driven nature of restaurants means that restaurateurs are often forced to look up from their long to-do lists and keep a pulse on what’s happening in the industry.”

What’s Hot for the Restaurant Industry in 2019

Every year brings new challenges—and new opportunities—for restauranteurs. Here are four trends which will shape change in the restaurant industry in 2019:

1. Online Ordering Is on the Rise

Approximately 60% of Americans now go online at least once a week to order takeout or delivery. By 2030, that’s expected to grow another 20 percent.

In addition, consumers increasingly will use online apps which eliminate delivery fees in favor of flat-rate subscriptions for delivery services.

2. Consumers Are Demanding More Transparency

Consumers want the facts about pricing (for example, a restaurant’s true net costs for items), corporate performance and the environmental impact of their food acquisition, preparation and distribution policies.

The restaurants which are most transparent are the ones which will build consumer trust and succeed.

3. Health Concerns Are Taking Center Stage

You’ll find consumers also showing much greater interest in the health impact of the foods they purchase.

For example, this year a survey of 9,000 Upserve customers showed a 149% increase in the purchase of “gut-friendly” foods. This increased interest in healthy ingredients is expected to grow in the years ahead.

4. Technology Takes a Front Seat

Restaurant owners increasingly want tech products which make their lives easier. So far this year, there’s been a sharp spike in the use of all-in-one restaurant management platforms, which integrate analytic, online ordering and inventory management.

For restaurants to succeed, staying on top of emerging industry trends, among other things, is critical. One of those “other things” is achieving cost savings wherever they can, including with energy costs.

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