Eco-friendly restaurant

3 Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design Ideas

Eco-friendly restaurant

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design Ideas

Going green is a great way to make your restaurant stand out. Whether you’re trying to cut down on the size of your environmental footprint, appeal to customers who want to support eco-friendly businesses, or maybe a little of both, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

But how do you make your restaurant more eco-friendly? Well, here are some simple design ideas to help get you started.

#1: Green Menus

Every restaurant needs a menu, and not every restaurant can make do with a chalkboard over the counter (though if you can, props to you!).

If you’re going to get menus printed, though, that’s a great place to showcase your eco-friendly credentials. Printing on recycled paper and using soy inks that do no harm to the environment are great ways to green up a basic aspect of your restaurant according to PS Print.

And for extra green points, do digital previews during your ordering process so you don’t waste paper on sample prints.

#2: Green Food (And Related Practices)

The most obvious thing to do, if you want to be seen as more eco-friendly, is to be sure you have fresh, organic food in your restaurant.

However, it’s important not to cut corners on this one, and to follow some of the suggestions put forth by The Balance Small Business.

In fact, try to get food that has minimal or recycled packaging (and then recycle it once you’re done with it). Local food is often seen as more sustainable, which is another important aspect when it comes to your green credentials.

If you have the ability, on-site food production such as making your own jams in the kitchen is excellent for adding a homemade, home-grown vibe to your offerings.

#3: Use Energy Star Appliances

This is an obvious choice, however, it’s one several restaurants fail to make as it requires a higher investment.

However, as Buzztime mentions, Energy Star appliances often save you money in the long run, and they allow you to use far less energy. When you add in tax credits as well as green credits, your restaurant could easily come out ahead by getting a kitchen makeover.

And it’s not just the kitchen that benefits from cutting energy costs. LED lights in the main room show you’re serious about saving energy and money, while also keeping your dining room lit.

Additionally, removing extraneous features, like TV sets, can also smooth out the lines of your restaurant while making sure you’re being even more efficient with the energy you are using.

These are just a few, simple things you can do for an eco-friendly restaurant. If you need tips on increasing your efficiency and reducing the amount of energy you use, reach out to us today for a free consultation. We’re committed to helping you increase profits through real energy conservation efforts.

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