woman in restaurant calls about energy bill

Is Your Restaurant Company’s Natural Gas Bill as Low as Possible?

woman in restaurant calls about energy bill

Reducing utility costs for natural gas can have magical impacts on the bottom line versus other ongoing expenses. The magic occurs when certain costs can be identified, eliminated or reduced, with those dollar savings often extending for years on utility bills. Monthly financial savings multiply into long-term savings. For starters, please consider:

  • Is the natural gas bill simply being paid today, or is it actively being managed?

  • If managed then what was the last action taken to manage these costs?

  • What are the negotiable parts of the gas bill?

  • Who is the gas supplier serving my company today?

Obviously there is more to managing natural gas bills than simply finding a low price per therm from a retail supplier. But that is a common default question. Please let this article serve as an open invitation to ask for help. Often the best help pays for itself through savings.


Other Key Points

In deregulation of the natural gas industry, only the price of the commodity supply has been opened to competition. This means restaurant owners in many states (see green states on map below), who are served by investor-owned utilities, are now able to choose who supplies their natural gas. Operating in a deregulated natural gas market may help to reduce gas expenses, but it is almost impossible to tell without reviewing a recent gas invoice (preferably 3 -12 months).

Yes, there are ways to save money on a gas bill for a facility located in a regulated gas market, but it can be more challenging. Managers often attempt to manage a gas bill by looking at a spreadsheet.  Meanwhile the professionals always ask for an actual bill copy. It is a common misconception that spreadsheets will provide the same, or more, information than an actual gas invoice. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Your natural gas bill has many details that need to be reviewed to get you the best opportunity.


Be Brave

Let me finish by inviting you to seek some professional help. Please contact me or Walt Taylor at GWT2Energy (walt@gwt2energy.com)  so that we can help to save you money on your commercial gas bill.


By Mitchell Scruggs, Guest author and President of Southern Energy Alliance & Holdings. Inc.  mscruggs@seasavings.com.

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