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4 Big Reasons to Hire a Restaurant Energy Consultant

Have you been on the fence about hiring an energy consultant for your restaurant? An energy consultant can offer a number of key advantages.In fact, if you’re still debating, consider these key reasons to bring in an energy consultant as soon as possible. A Restaurant Energy Consultant Can Help You Save MoneyEnergy consumption is one of the biggest expenses you’ll deal with in your restaurant. If you’re looking for ways to cut expenses, starting with a restaurant energy consultant is a great

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3 Big Benefits of Installing a Restaurant Energy Management System

Benefits of Restaurant Energy Management System Energy is a necessity for the operation of any restaurant or chain of restaurants. The challenge is that some restaurant operators are struggling to minimize their energy costs, which eats into the profits of their businesses.Ultimately, failure to invest in energy control systems can drive the energy cost of your restaurant through the roof, and that becomes a setback because it hinders profitability.An energy management system (EMS) can help you

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LED lighting can save restaurants money

How LED Lighting in Restaurants Saves Your Business Money

We can agree that energy consumption in your restaurant is unavoidable. Our reliance on technology is constant. In fact, whether it’s AC in the summer or heat in the winter, there’s always a demand for constant power.But there’s another constant factor that’s easily overlooked—traditional light bulbs.Many restaurants looking to improve their energy efficiency have moved away from traditional light sources and turned to LED technology. But what exactly are LEDs and how are they beneficial to the

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Our Energy-Saving Strategy is Effective Because it’s Unique

GWT2Energy cares about your restaurant. After all, we specialize in the restaurant industry, making our success dependent upon yours. From supply side to demand side, our solutions are based on an owner’s perspective, fully customized, and comprehensive. Specializing in the restaurant industry means we are equipped with a unique full-service strategy that is proven to...Continue reading

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The Benefits of an Energy Management Plan in Restaurants

When you own or manage a restaurant, you know that cost savings are critical to ensuring your restaurant is able to run smoothly. In many cases, you may resort to extreme measures in order to cut costs where you can. Clearly, this is about more than just the dreaded thermostat wars that can take place...Continue reading

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